Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Piracy some practical solutions

In order to find solutions to curb Piracy we have to find the source.


Genuine: - Whenever we buy a Genuine Software we get a key with it, once we insert the key it gets validates by the server of the software manufacture.

Fake: - A trail version of the software is downloaded from the Internet and then a crack is inserted to make the trail version into a full version. If the genuine software is on a CD or DVD then these CD or DVD cannot be copied as they have a encoding so Image mounting software like ISO is used.

Solution: - Most of these cracks for software are available from the Internet, these sites where postings of cracks are done should be monitored and the cracks posted on these sites should be invalidated from the server of the software manufacturer so when a person validates his software through the company’s server it gets blocked or a software which acts like a crawling spider which Google uses to updates millions of WebPages being uploaded on the Internet, this software crawls through the web and finds out any changes and updates the servers with new information if such a software is used it will be quite easy to monitor such posts being uploaded, crack sites should be banned by search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN from their search list and ICANN should also not register sites having cracks in their Domain Names.

With regards to Image mounting software they should be either banned or not made available commercially. Image mounting software is used only when there is a copyright material on a CD or DVD as only these will be encoded and Image mounting software are bound to be used for copying Copyrighted Material.

Another problem being faced by the software industry is peer to peer software like LimeWire almost all the software being uploaded on it are copyrighted material the only solution in these case I can think about is to request Networks like Gnutella network on which most of the peer to peer software’s operate to Monitor copyrighted material being uploaded on the Internet which I know is going to be very difficult another option is to make users sign a Click Wrap Agreement before they upload that they are not uploading any copyrighted content.

Music and Movies

Data from Original DVD and CD cannot be directly copied so ripper software’s are used to rip Movies and Music from original DVD and CD such software’s should be banned or not commercially made available.

These are just solutions to reduce the amount of piracy, piracy as whole cannot be eradicated, and for that people have to refrain from using pirated software.

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Anirudh Bhati said...

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Why do we need to curb piracy in India?